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Some background and more on Slave Lake Bicycle Works

You may have heard of it. Slave Lake Bicycle Works. I started it in 2016 with a tiny budget in my garage and soon moved to a rented room in the back of the local CrossFit Box (Thanks Robbie! Originally It was just intended to be a small repair shop. No sales of bikes. No inventory. A way for me to hone my skills after taking a bike mechanic course. I had an idea that a bike shop would be a great idea.  But at that point, I just wasn't brave enough to start an entire bike shop on my own. There were too many unknowns. Leases, inventory. Talking to random customers. What happens if a job comes in and you...

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We have launched!

We had to close down our bike shop Slave Lake, Alberta. It was small. But it was going places. We had some left over inventory, and a bit of knowledge about bikes. So we started an online store. This clearly means that we may have a strange selection of products. Please bear with us while we figure things out. And of course don't hesitate to follow the blog or send an email. We intend to stock the items that most local bike shops (LBSs) are unlikely to carry. We believe that in this changing world, the little guys need a helping hand. More on that later. Maybe we can take some burden off them. So here it is, a website still...

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